• United Compressor Manufacturing Co.

    Aftersale Services


    1st: dial the service phone
    When you have any problem in machine, please call our special aftersale service line or company’s hotline, describe the phenomena of machine faults and leave your liaison means and address.
    2nd: Subscribe service time
    According to your time and our coordination arrangements, a proper site service time will be decided and we shall come to your site in time in spite of how harsh the weather is.
    3rd : Start Machine inspection
    After site engineer comes on the site, he will do the judgment by means of observing, listening, touching and smelling on the basis of your feedback over the compressor, then find the real problem quickly and correctly.
    4th: Troubleshooting
    After fault is done, the machine will be repaired as soon as possible until the fault is fully eliminated. After that, in the acceptance test, the user can start testing the machine and confirm if the fault has been removed.
    5th: Filling in warranty bill
    In order to remove your problems, we will leave the evidence for the mentioned service, such as what is the cause of fault, result after service, warranty time and our service phone number.