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    High-Mid Pressure Air Compressor

    High-Mid Pressure Air Compressor



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    Model:?model V
    Displacement:?0.2m3/min~40m3/min ? ? Pressure: 0.2MPa~25MPa and operation in depressurization is permitted.
    Driving Mode:1. Diesel engine ? ? ?2. Motor
    Lubrication Mode:1. oil lubrication ? ? ?2. Oil free lubrication
    Cooling mode:1. Water cooling ? ? ? 2. Air cooling ? ? ?3. Mixed cooling
    Structure Mode:1.Stationary type ? ? ?2. movable type ? ? ?3. skid-mounted type ? ? ? 4.acoustic isolation square-cabin shelter

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  • V series This series, the most advanced piston compressor is made with the technology from Mannesman-Demag Germany, featuring low noise, less vibration, compact structure, stable running, safety/reliability and high automation and data based remote display and control can be optioned according to customers’ requirements. It has the functions such as warnings of low oil pressure, low water level, high temperature, low inlet pressure and high exhausting to let the compressor even more reliable in running.


    1. Appropriate for the pressure test, pipeline cleaning, air lift and well-digging in oil fields;

    2. It is applied in the airtight test, airtight test, pressure test, strength test and airtight examining of gas cylinders, valves, pipelines, pressure gauges, high pressure boilers of various high pressure/ pressure containers;

    3. The pressure tests and supercharging in boats/ships, pipelines pressure tests, pipeline cleaning and air lift in oil exploitation;

    4. The processes of de-rusting with sand blast, part and components dedusting, high pressure dephosphorization , anti-erosion, well digging and quarrying etc;

    5. Hydroturbine control in hydropower station and arc extinction in short circuiter in high voltage grid system;

    6. Air source supply in large or mid size bottle blowing machines; It is widely applied in the processes of gas supercharging, pressure stabilization and gas reclamation and can also supply the stable power source for power plants, food industries, pharmacy and experiment research organizations.




      Please deliver us your information of the requirements of the equipment you want (inlet pressure, outlet pressure,flow rate, compressed medium), we will provide you with the exact compressor and other related information you need.

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